2011 Toyota Highlander Mobile Antenna Installation

I have a scanner and a  dual band rig in my car.  For the scanner I have a  cheap mag mount antenna that I got on Amazon.com, and for the transceiver I have a Comet antenna on a Diamond K400 mount hacked onto my roof rack.  Neither was working out so I began looking at my options.

After reading on the web that ‘real hams use NMO mount antennas in holes in the roof ,’  I was really close to drilling holes in the roof of my beloved Highlander.  In preparation I took a ride to KJI in Cedar Grove NJ in hopes of buying the mounts. I met Gene (the owner) and is truly a nice guy.  We spoke a bit about my requirements and he suggested that  I really couldn’t go wrong with trunk lip mounts.  He gave me a nice deal on two Larsen mounts and a Diamond NR770HNMO antenna for the scanner. I spent a few hours getting them installed last winter.

Here are a few pictures of the installation.