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New Home, New Shack!

We moved to a new home in 2018 and I have finally finished the basic ham shack configuration. Main rig is a Yaesu FTDX-3000. As you can see I also added a raspberry pi-based Ham Clock. This TV serves double-duty and also pivots around the corner for use in the home Gym.

Go Box is Progressing…

Got a little work done tonight, getting excited to permanently attach everything and wire it up!  The bottom is a 1U drawer from Amazon.  I will post a complete parts list toward the end of the project.

3D-Printed 1U Panel for Go-Box

On my new Go-Box, the plan is to have the top 1U slot set up for miscelaneous switches, lights and outlets, so I needed a blank panel to start with.   I also wanted to 3D print it so that I could integrate my callsign.  I quick search on Thingiverse yielded this blank panel, which I …

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New project – Portable Go Box.

I have started planning for a new go box for use in Emergency Communications (I am in ARES and CERT) and for Field Day, SOTA, and other outdoor operations.  I have based my plans on a few different boxes seen around the internet.  Here are the key aspects I have settled on: Primary rig – …

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Great podcast

I haven’t posted much lately due to a busy schedule, but I want to be sure to help spread the word about an excellent podcast I have come across.   The description on their site is spot-on: Ham Radio Workbench deep dives on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the amateur radio operator.  …

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Welcome to the site. This is the Amateur Radio site of Dave Santoro, W2DHS. I will generally post items that I think may help other hams. This isn’t a blog that I will be updating on any particular schedule.

Adding GPS to a Kenwood RC-D710 (and possibly TM-D710)

I have a Kenwood TM-V71a that I upgraded with the RC-D710 head for full APRS functionality.  At the time I got this the RC-D710 head did not come with an integrated GPS, so I had built a breakout box that took power from the RJ45 cable and directed it to a BR-355 GPS Puck.  This …

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My Shack Configuration.

I have a fairly modest shack compared to others I have seen online, but it gets the job done.  I grabbed a corner in our family room an brought up an old cheapie desk that we had stored away.   I built the shelves out of MDF from Home Depot. Here is my current gear: …

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2011 Highlander, Kenwood TM-V71A amateur transceiver installation

While I had permanently installed my scanner and dual band antennas (and written about it) last year, I have been thinking hard about how to mount the radios, remote head, power switches, mic, and speakers on the interior. I spent the last year testing a few temporary scenarios, including most recently having the radio just …

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Look what Santa Brought!

I got a nice call sign plaque for my shack.  We got it from ProjectGM and it came out great. Credit for this fantastic design goes to Richard Graves!