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Go Box is Progressing…

Got a little work done tonight, getting excited to permanently attach everything and wire it up!  The bottom is a 1U drawer from Amazon.  I will post a complete parts list toward the end of the project.  

3D-Printed 1U Panel for Go-Box

On my new Go-Box, the plan is to have the top 1U slot set up for miscelaneous switches, lights and outlets, so I needed a blank panel to start with.   I also wanted to 3D print it so that I could integrate my callsign.  I quick search on Thingiverse yielded this blank panel, which I …

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New project – Portable Go Box.

I have started planning for a new go box for use in Emergency Communications (I am in ARES and CERT) and for Field Day, SOTA, and other outdoor operations.  I have based my plans on a few different boxes seen around the internet.  Here are the key aspects I have settled on: Primary rig – …

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Great podcast

I haven’t posted much lately due to a busy schedule, but I want to be sure to help spread the word about an excellent podcast I have come across.   The description on their site is spot-on: Ham Radio Workbench deep dives on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the amateur radio operator.  …

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Welcome to the site. This is the Amateur Radio site of Dave Santoro, W2DHS. I will generally post items that I think may help other hams. This isn’t a blog that I will be updating on any particular schedule.

Adding GPS to a Kenwood RC-D710 (and possibly TM-D710)

I have a Kenwood TM-V71a that I upgraded with the RC-D710 head for full APRS functionality.  At the time I got this the RC-D710 head did not come with an integrated GPS, so I had built a breakout box that took power from the RJ45 cable and directed it to a BR-355 GPS Puck.  This …

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My Shack Configuration.

I have a fairly modest shack compared to others I have seen online, but it gets the job done.  I grabbed a corner in our family room an brought up an old cheapie desk that we had stored away.   I built the shelves out of MDF from Home Depot. Here is my current gear: …

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2011 Highlander, Kenwood TM-V71A amateur transceiver installation

While I had permanently installed my scanner and dual band antennas (and written about it) last year, I have been thinking hard about how to mount the radios, remote head, power switches, mic, and speakers on the interior. I spent the last year testing a few temporary scenarios, including most recently having the radio just …

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Look what Santa Brought!

I got a nice call sign plaque for my shack.  We got it from ProjectGM and it came out great. Credit for this fantastic design goes to Richard Graves!

2011 Toyota Highlander Mobile Antenna Installation

I have a scanner and a  dual band rig in my car.  For the scanner I have a  cheap mag mount antenna that I got on, and for the transceiver I have a Comet antenna on a Diamond K400 mount hacked onto my roof rack.  Neither was working out so I began looking at …

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